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Hoboken Parking Spotter
(Individual Project)

Hoboken is one of the most difficult places to find parking!

However, my friend and I discovered a few tricks. First was that it was a good idea to memorize when a certain street we want to park on is cleaned, because after a street is cleaned, there is many parking spots. However, with this method, we had to know what streets were being cleaned in advance in order to know where one could park.

I thought about how this idea could be an app for a phone, so that drivers could keep track of all the streets that are cleaned in Hoboken for easier parking. I further considered that if many drivers were coordinating their parking with an app on their phone that they could also trade off parking spots, or offer to move their car for points in the future.

I also considered that a type of currency such as "points" could work as a motivator to keep balance in the system, and may make the application fun to use like a game for people who like to go for high scores.

1:03 PM 2013/3/18
Resume available upon request.