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Continenal Airlines
(Team Project)

For this project, each team read a different article and was to present on it and its significance to data warehousing.

Our team was in charge of a case study of the Continenal Airlines, and how the organization turned their business around from being the worst in the industry to one of the best, due to the advantages provided by data warehousing.

A list of ways in which Continenal Airlines was faltering before the tech-centric business turn around.

A summary of the Go Forward plan that addresses customer needs and human resources.

Continental Airlines saw value in improving information sharing between its departments.

With better data warehousing, services for customers can become more targetted and business can run more efficiently.

With data that was more real-time, continental was able to adjust what kinds of airplane they would use for a certain trip.

As an example, if a flight from New York to Chicago usually has 200 passengers, but one day it only has 40 passengers, then using the data, the company would have a chance to fly that trip on a smaller airplane, which can save the company on extra fuel costs.

Also, with better data, planes can be scheduled better so that they spend more time in the air and less time in the hanger.

Basically, an example of strategic upselling.

Before this system, if a travel agent needed to book a wedding part of 9, and a group fare would be charged to 6 or more people travelling as a group, then the travel agent would book a group of 4 people and a group of 5 people to avoid the group charge.

However, this was a problem for Continental because this would mean that if said wedding was cancelled, they were suddenly out 9 seats!

Therefore, a smarter way to identify large travelling groups was necessary.

A cycle of continuous improvement between senior committee and data warehouse team, based on business-aligned technology and business strategy.

With the corporate-level data warehouse, Continental Airlines no longer has "corporate amnesia" where the next person the customer interacts with is unable to look up any of the customer's information.

One example of overcoming "corporate amnesia" is a story about how a customer who had experienced several different flight delays was personally offered an apology by a crew member, even though that crew member was not part of the previous flights that customer had been on. The crew member was able to become aware of the customer's situation through the crew member dashboard, and offered an appropriate response.

The quantifiable benefits of data warehousing encouraged the rest of the company to take on the advantage.

The group considered how the data warehousing strategies used by continental could be applied to other fields, such as employee performance.

1:03 PM 2013/3/18
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