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Complex Entity Relational Diagram
(Team Project)

This assignment was to diagram a system that would have 20 to 30 or entities in a relationship. Ideally the assignment was to be designed around part of an actual business, but because the team members did not know their organizations well enough, we chose to diagram a system that was familiar to all of us; that being the school's registrar.

The biggest challenge of this work was to determine our project's scope (how detailed will this diagram have to be?) and then how to divide the workload so that everyone would have a chance to contribute.

As a group, we decided that the registrar could be divided into five major areas.

These areas were also in two bigger sections.

We identified the function of each of the major areas.

An Entity-Relationship Diagram of the student's billing account. In this system, the student is billed by the number of credits being taken, and multiple credit sources are considered.

An E-R diagram of what we imagined is involved in a single student's transcript.

Below, these entities are expanded one section at a time to show their attributes.

In this slide, the Administrative-side functions are combined together by their similar entities.

Now the same thing, except for the student-side functions, those being: Billing, Class Registration, and Transcript

All of the entities are combined together to form
the final master map of the entities and cardinalities
of the college's registrar system.

1:03 PM 2013/3/18
Resume available upon request.