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Home Expansion Project Plan
(Team Project)

Using what we learned in the class "Fundamentals of Project Management", our team created a project plan for putting an addition on a house.

An example problem scenario where our project plan would come into play.

Jusitifications for the projects' tech level, team organization, and development method.

An explanation of the project scope. We were told to improve on this so that the scope does not sound like project goals.

Justification on the project structure, based on what we learned in class.

A screenshot of our work breakdown structure (WBS).

The team was unsure as to what kinds of risk there were involved in a house addon project. However, the weather events at the time (Hurricane Sandy) inspired us to consider multiple sources of risk.

We also considered some risks that are involved with any kind of construction project, such as the impact of fluxuating material costs and strikes.

Various degrees of risk and how our project would handle these various risks.

Because the project would be waterfall development and not agile development, we decided that daily meetings may be excessive.

Budgeting method, justification, and milestone-based portioning.

How costs of the project would be estimated, both in terms of input and output.

Ways in which we could determine if the project is successful or not.

For this project, the most influencial stakeholder is the homeowner who originally commissioned the job. Therefore the homeowner's satisfaction is one of the most important factors of success.

However, the project would also have to be beneficial to the firm. Therefore the project being finished on time and on budget is also critical.

1:03 PM 2013/3/18
Resume available upon request.